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Manufacturing :

Plaster of Paris

We are manufacturing Plaster of Paris of all Grades.
Plaster was a common building material for wall surfaces in a process known as lath and plaster, whereby a series of wooden strips are covered with a semi-dry plaster and then hardened into surface. The plaster used in most lath-and-plaster construction was mainly lime plaster. Lime plaster cure time is about a month. To stabilize the lime plaster during curing, small amounts of Plaster of Paris were mixed into the putty. Because Plaster of Paris sets quickly, "retardants" were used to slow setting time enough to allow workers to mix large working quantities of lime putty plaster. A modern form of this method uses expanded metal mesh over wood or metal structures, which allows a great freedom of design as it is adaptable to both simple and compound curves. Today this building method has been partly replaced with drywall, also composed mostly of gypsum plaster. In both these methods a primary advantage of the material is that it is resistant to a fire within a room and so can assist in reducing or eliminating structural damage or destruction provided the fire is promptly extinguished.
Plaster may also be used to create complex detailing for use in room interiors. These may be geometric (simulating wood or stone) or naturalistic (simulating leaves, vines, and flowers) These are also often used to simulate wood or stone detailing found in more substantial buildings.

Gypsum Powder  
We are manufacturing Gypsum Powder of all Grades.
The powder is used in various applications, like in the manufacturing of Portland cement & in the agricultural sector. Prior to the final grinding, the powder is added-up to the clinker to get superior finishes in the cement. Our ground pure gypsum powder of white color is also applied as filler in paper, textile goods and paints. We are capable to manufacture 200 tons of powder annually.
G. I. Channels
We are a manufacture of G. I. channels of size 8' & 12'.

Gypsum Board

We are a whole seller of Imported Gypsum Board

Sizes : 6' X 4'

Gypsum Channel


We are a whole seller of Imported Gypsum Channels

Sizes : 8' & 12'  
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